Nulids™: Doctor Testimonials

10/08/23, 5:33 pm


  • Exceptional treatment from exceptional doctors.
  • The fastest growing at-home dry eye treatment.
  • Over 1 million treatments performed.

NuLids is proven safe and effective in a multi-center clinical trial and is intended for daily eyelid hygiene care at home.

Over the past three years, NuLids has become my at-home treatment of choice for patients who wear makeup or who have blepharitis and MGD.

Laura Perlman, MD
Dry Eye Master, Seattle, WA
“I love it!” “It’s addicting!” These are the comments I regularly hear from my blepharitis and MGD patients who use NuLidsTM. And I am delighted with the clinical improvements, patient compliance, and eyelid appearance. My patients report high satisfaction with the comfort, convenience, value, and ease of use with Nu Lids. Patients are thrilled with this simple, effective, just l minute/day therapy that stands alone as a home hygiene regimen and also extends the benefits and relief from our in-office treatments. Our own data shows that patients who do not remove their makeup have higher SPEED scores. With complete makeup removal, aided by NuLids, the cosmetic debris is effectively elimi­nated which discourages demodex and also results in lower SPEED scores.

Talin Amadian, OD
Doctor of Optometry, Glendale, CA
As a new grad, I worked in an environment with lim­ited diagnostic tools and treatment resources. By using standard exam room equipment and proce­dures-slit lamp, trans illuminator, and lid depression-I was able to suc­cessfully diagnose various types of dry eye quickly. Patients’ home treatment with NuLids was, and continues to be, critical to my treatment regimen for evaporative dry eye. With uLids, previously frustrated dry eye patients report significant improvement in their symptoms, usually within a couple of weeks. With the company’s Affiliate Program, NuLids requires no investment and does not interrupt patient flow. The company provides great live and online educational resources to train, register, and complete patients’ transactions, as well as supporting my patients long-term.

Ahmad Fahmy, OD
Doctor of Optometry, Founder Eyes on Dry Eye, Minnetonka, MN
The NuLids- system pro­vides an excellent solution for a previously unmet need-the ability for my patients to reliably remove dead anuclear epithelium, cylindri­cal dandruff, and eyelid biofilm safely with a home care regimen. Upon initially diagnosing blephari­tis and MGD, my patients are started on a regimen of blinking exercises, hydration, Omega-3s, and daily lid debridement with NuLids. A clinical treatment approach which confi­dently utilizes highly effective home treatments also promotes a strong and healthy doctor-patient relationship­this is such a fun aspect of treating OSD patients with NuLids.

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