The NuLids System, which was introduced to the eye care professional market in 2018 was developed in response to an unmet need for a safe and clinically effective at-home treatment for the 40 million people who suffer from dry eye in the United States.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that NuLids is a first-line treatment for dry eyes when used as a stand-alone product, and positive user reactions have demonstrated that NuLids provides significant advantages over existing dry eye therapies. Users have expressed delight in the improvements in treatment effectiveness, the ease of use of the one-minute per day therapy, and the overall savings they have realized as a result of treating their dry eyes with this product, which has received numerous

positive user testimonials (due to a reduction, or in many cases, elimination of their need for over-the counter drops, gels, ointments, and prescription dry eye medications). After people began to share their positive experiences with NuLids on social media, the direct to consumer company grew quickly and has now established itself as the primary method for patients in the United States to obtain NuLids.

Upon discovering that the symptoms of his Dry Eye patients were not improving with in-office treatments and conventional at-home treatments, Dr. John Olkowski, a well-known corneal specialist, became dissatisfied with the state of the art.

He would advise patients to purchase and use manual lid scrubs on a daily basis, as well as to apply warm compresses for 20 minutes, to help alleviate their symptoms. Occasionally, patients would return to him months after receiving treatment to express their dissatisfaction with the care they had received. As a result of their hectic schedules, they didn't care for the manual lid scrubs, and they simply didn't have the time to devote 20 minutes every day to using warm compresses.

Developed in response to the ineffectiveness of conventional at-home dry eye treatments, NuLids is a revolutionary product. Using NuLids, which requires only one minute per day, patients can achieve a low-cost, high-effective, and convenient solution that is simple to incorporate into their daily lives. Patients adore NuLids and find it to be extremely user-friendly.