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NuLids™ PRO

Nulids PRO Device
20 PRO Treatment Packs

3yr Warranty

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100 PRO Treatment Packs - 1 NulidsTM PRO Device

Purchase 100 Treatment Packs and get a NuLids PRO Device FREE! A $500 Savings!
1 NulidsTM PRO Device - 100 PRO Treatment Packs

20 PRO Treatment Packs

Each Pack Contains:
2 NuLids PRO Tips and 1 NuLids Revitalize Gel Pack (1ml)


Individual PRO Gel Packs


Individual PRO Tips Packs


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NuLids™ Pro


"I always just thought it was allergies. But the doctor noticed I had too much bacteria on my eyelids and recommended a cleaning. After a simple procedure I’m already feeling improvement and the doctor said he could see improvement after just the first treatment. I’m looking forward to the additional treatments."

- Brooks Wood, OD

"Most patients that have had both NuLids PRO and other high speed, rotational microblepharoexfoliation treatments, perfer the experience and results with NuLids PRO. Good response with ocular rosacea / telangectasia. The cost of NuLids PRO and procedure packs is a MAJOR ADVANTAGE for patients and doctors."

- Corry Lappin, OD

"I like the concept of treating in-office and then using similar technology for treating at home. I think NuLids PRO is generally better tolerated than other high speed, rotational microblepharoexfoliation devices."

- Damon Dierker, OD

"In my practice, I find NuLids to be great adjunctive therapy with IPL."

- Helen Wu, MD

"I have used it in the clinic with one of my students. We both liked it! I like that the silicone tips are a little more rigid"

- Joseph Allen, OD

"From a hygiene standpoint, NuLids PRO apprears to dramatically reduce microsplatter compared to other high speed, rotational microblepharoexfoliation devices. I've stopped using those other devices for this reason."

- Laura Periman, MD

"NuLids has been such a powerful tool in my practice. My patients are using it daily and coming back with cleaner lid margins and tear film as well as better flowing oil."

- Crystal Brimer, OD

"The PRO is more comfortable than the original version, it does not tickle as much while using the direct method. I still prefer the closed eyes (indirect) method, which is very soothing. No splatter from the gel at all. Overall, great improvements in the product!"

- Lisa Hornick, OD

"It, (NuLids PRO), has been working well. Patients say it is very comfortable during the procedure and that their lids feel great immediately afterwards. It is very easy to use and takes only a short time to get great results."

- Pam Theriot, OD

"Great feedback from patients! On my eyes, PRO feels exactly like the home use device. No discomfort at all."

- Talin Amadian, OD

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Limited quantity available. Every purchase comes with support from our expert team of concierges to ensure you receive the most out of your NuLids PRO

NuLids Pro is a new product that provides every eyecare practice (large and small) with the ability to provide professional in-office eyelid hygiene that is comfortable, fast, effective and highly affordable. About 25% of patients present with some form of eyelid condition (meibomian gland dysfunction, blepharitis, demodex, collarettes, excess biofilm, etc). In many cases these conditions will appear before symptoms of dry eye or other diseases develop. With NuLids PRO, practitioners or technicians can provide a new value added treatment, that benefits the patient in real-time as part of a regular eye exam. While patients will appreciate how they look and feel, practices will benefit from competitive differentiation and a significant new revenue source.



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“Good Vibrations!”

"NuLids is the only mechanical lid hygiene system that oscillates. The vibrations are thought to break up accreted meibum and stimulate eyelid tissues and glands"

- John Olkowski, MD

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